Chocolate Truffles

I just realised I COMPLETELY forgot to put this recipe up on the blog until now! Lol. I made these last month while drinking up the chocolatey Valentine’s Day vibes but they’re great anytime – rich, smooth and creamy. I also doused mine in beetroot powder for some amazing coloured pop! Have a go for yourself – they’re simply beautiful, visually stunning and a great canvas for some decorative creativity.



Approximate cost: $10

Makes 14 truffles

Takes about 10 minutes, plus several hours of setting time.





125ml coconut milk
150g good-quality vegan dark chocolate (I used Lindt 90% cocoa)
2 tbsp rice malt syrup, or more to taste
Pinch salt


Coloured powders such as cocoa, beetroot powder, freeze-dried berry powder, or matcha; extra chocolate to melt and coat; or, sea salt flakes, crushed nuts or edible glitter. Your imagination is the limit 😁


Very gently melt coconut milk and chocolate together, stirring often (I seized mine, you have to be so careful!). Once melted, combined and incredibly smooth, add rice malt syrup and stir to combine well. Place mixture in the fridge for an hour or until firm.

Scoop heaped teaspoonfuls of mixture and roll into balls using your palms. Dust with powder of choice, roll in glitter or sprinkle with sea salt, then return to the fridge to set completely.

These can be stored at room temperature without going too soft, but will last longer – about 5 days – refrigerated.



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